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Average Joe’s

Average Joe’s streetside view

The meal

As per usual, my meal arrives pleasantly presented with all its items methodically placed in an offset layered manner. I ordered a coffee (drip) and the hungry Joe, consisting of eggs (any style), home fries, toast and your choice of chicken bacon or sausages. I opted for the chicken bacon, scrambled eggs and brown toast.

The eggs are served (seemingly) void of salt or pepper, which allows one to alter them as they deem fit. They’re a single entity, protected by a cocoon like outer layer which shields an inner almost runny center. The eggs are my least favourite part of the meal, but regardless they’re not bad, and a decent portion is served.

The home fries aren’t the conventional multiple bite size breakfast add-on you may expect, but a cross section of a single potato boiled and pan seared. The home fry (there really only is one) has a perfect consistency, and gives to my forks demands with the slightest push-back.

The toast is imported all the way from Cobs Bread (a street car’s length away from Average Joe’s) daily, 2 portions are provided and are cut in thick slices. For whatever reason, this seemingly trivial technique makes the bread taste infinitely times better (don’t forget to ask for jam!).

A roasted globe tomato rounds off the meal, adding some lycopene and colour to the dish. What can I say, it’s a tomato.

Hungry Joe.

The restroom(s)

The washroom is located outside of the restaurant in an adjacent parking garage. Once ushered in the general direction of my destination, I was confronted with the choice of 4 identical grey doors. I tried all 4, and after 6 minutes entered the surprisingly airy loo. Overall, pretty utilitarian and not too shabby in terms of cleanliness. I felt quite comfortable within its confines, but doubt it would be suitable for anyone unwilling to; say – share deodorant with a stranger.

Washroom located in a Green P parking garage.

Side notes

My partner and I dined close to noon on a Sunday; providing ample time for hipsters, recovering from a Pabst Blue Ribbon fueled night of listening to Norwegian avant-garde dance music, to invade the space. The tiny place was busy, yet I was offered a refill on my coffee twice.

Average Joe’s

161 Baldwin St. (Kensington Market)

Meal: 7.5/10                                                                                     Accessible Entrance: Yes

Bang for buck: 8/10                                                                     Accessible Restroom: Yes

Restroom: 5/10