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Bistro 243

Easy to access entrance
Easy to access entrance

The Meal

I ordered the chorizo 243; my curiosity tickled by its names reminder of a novel I’ve been meaning to read for some time now. My plate arrived on a sizzling skillet, hot; I mean hotter than a Cabbage town apartment facing south without AC in July – hot. The chorizo was chopped and assimilated seamlessly within the home fries-pepper-onion concoction, providing a generous platform for the eggs. The dish is very hearty, and full of flavour. The chorizo was spicy, maybe too spicy for 10 am on a Sunday morning (but that’s a matter of preference). Regardless, they were damn good, and prominently complemented the eggs – very much enjoyable.

Toast flanked the chorizo egg ensemble. Nothing to boast about, simple Dempster’s style whole grain bread cut in diagonal slices. The toast was served unbuttered, and to my disappointment the option of the ritualistic spread was not readily presented (however, I’m sure one could simply ask for it without risking their marriage by the hands of a middle aged, perfectly mustached Iranian man).

The jam and milk were presented in single serving portions; needless packaging which would cause most Green Party sympathizers to cringe. Coffee (drip) was served, nothing special but satisfying nonetheless.

Chorizo 243 house special
Chorizo 243 house special

The restroom(s)

The rest room is located immediately off a set of creaky but sturdy stairs. Switching the lights on reveals the room’s amenities to its occupant and probably causes them to prematurely soil themselves. The washroom’s fan was so loud and frightening it makes that alien horn from H.G Wells’ “The war of the Worlds” seem like a bicycle chime.

Save for the odd cob web here and there, the place was pretty clean.

Steps to the restroom
Steps to the restroom
Sparkling-ish porcelain.
Sparkling-ish porcelain

Side notes

I was served by Gill from the Simpsons. Well maybe not the actual Gill, but my server did resemble him in some sense. The same eager demeanour, dusty grey hair and just overall good guy vibe. He was awesome; super attentive and quick to make a G rated joke.

My co-diners were given fruits with their respective meal (oranges, pineapple and strawberries), which tasted surprising good.

Good ol' Gil (let's just pretend that's his name)
Good ol’ Gil (let’s just pretend that’s his name)

Bistro 243

243 King St. East (Corktown)

Meal: 7/10                                                          Accessible Entrance: Yes

Bang for Buck: 7/10                                         Accessible Restroom: No

Restroom: 5/10