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Moss Park Restaurant

Curb side

The meal

My dish arrived promptly with functionality dominating aesthetics; there didn’t seem to be any thought into how my eyes would receive the meal. Despite the lack of aesthetic thought in presenting my food, the eggs tasted fairly good and the bacon was prepared masterfully; possessing a crispy skin while maintaining the integrity of a malleable chewy skeleton. The home fries held no surprises, simple and quite nice. A slice of tomato also adorned my plate, and for the first time that I am aware of, I was certain I was eating a Genetically Modified Organism – I mean this thing just tasted odd. But then again, we should all probably be getting used to eating test-tube food.

My coffee was probably the most pleasant surprise, especially since it was brewed in a machine that likely has a vengeful vendetta planned for the legislative body that passed the end of mandatory retirement act. The thing appears to barely work, but brews a mean cup of café. I immediately asked my server what kind of coffee I was sipping, unmoved by the question, he took his time and then reservedly muttered: “Brazilian”.

Bacon, Eggs, toast and home fries with a side of rag

The restroom(s)

The restroom was befitting of the modest eatery: a little dirty but gets the job done. Evidently frequented, the garbage bin was full of rubbish, and the wall’s tiles practically screamed clean me! Still, the soap dispenser was full, lights were retrofitted with efficient bulbs (points for that) and a single fruit fly made my inspection a little bit less lonely.

Weathered tiles and the toilet paper booby-trap just waiting for someone’s shoe

Side notes

My meal, although I enjoyed it, was served next to 2 dirty mugs and a used rag. To be honest this didn’t really bother me, and in fact added to my dining experience (in a grungy, no bull kind of way). This place is perfect if you want to dodge the condo crowd, are an advocate of dirt or simply want to have an honest cheap meal alone.

The only other patron was an older gentleman rolling a cigarette while reading the Sunday news. I probably could have had a seizure and his eyes would still have been affixed to his task at hand.

Unfortunately for us slaves of technology, the restaurant only accepts cash. I was unaware of this, and had to run to an ATM to pay my bill. The stern yet principled owner apologized afterwards for the inconvenience.

Customer peacefully rolling his cigarette and reading the paper

Moss Park Restaurant

211 Queen Street East (Corktown)

Meal: 6.5/10                                                                    Accessible Entrance: No

Bang for buck: 7.5/10                                                Accessible Restroom: No

Restroom: 4/10                                                             The damage: $6.75 + tip